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    This section is primarily for US citizens who would like to travel to Cuba.

    The United States is the only country with adverse relations with Cuba.
    Unfortunately, this means that it is difficult for Americans to travel to Cuba legally.
    We will not be held responsible for those who follow the information on this page,
    nor do we advocate illegal travel to Cuba.

    The logic behind the embargo is that it will force the Cuban government to modify itself in
    such a way that it is no longer socialist/communist, but capitalist,
    with a system of government similar to the US. Of course,
    it hasn't worked. Cuba was more affluent before its current government,
    but it was also more corrupt, was Mafia controlled,
     and had a much worse educational and health care system.

    No other country supports the embargo, and the only reason it still exists is that
    many Cuban-Americans support it, and Florida is a very important political state.
    In addition, ending the embargo would adversely effect some US business,
    which would have to compete with Cuba. The embargo hurts Cuba, and it hurts the United States (primarily through lost business, but it also makes the government appear to be an inept,
    The embargo will end, but not until the supporters of the embargo forget about "pay back",
    and truly put the interests of the Cuban people before their own anger.

  • How it's done


    If you are a non US citizen, simply call your travel agent and go.
    If you are a US citizen ask your government for permission.
    Write to the Treasury Department's Office of Foreign Assets Control
    and ask permission to travel to Cuba. Generally, travel is only allowed for journalists and diplomats.
    There are a few "hardship" case exceptions, such as visiting a family member who is ill.


    We understand that the following is how some citizens have traveled to Cuba,
    without express permission from the US government.

    Basically, the trade embargo means that you can't purchase anything of Cuban origin.
    Theoretically, you could travel directly to Cuba via a Miami charter, stay for the day
    and spend nothing, and then return. However,
    visitors must pay a $25 departure tax when leaving Cuba,
     and I'm not sure if paying the tax would be considered trading with the enemy.  So...
    Travel must be made via a "third" country such as Mexico, Canada, Jamaica, the Dominican Republic or the Bahamas. You don't want Cuba on any airline ticket stubs.

  •  1. It cost's about $250 round trip to fly Cubana airlines from Cancun, Mexico to Havana, Cuba.
    Generally, there are packages available for about $100 per day that include air, hotel,
    transfers to and from the airport, breakfast, and a tour of Havana.
    The language of Cuba is Spanish, and while English is spoken in major tourism establishments,
    it's not well-spoken elsewhere. You may elect to hire a guide while you are there. An English speaking guide costs from $15-50 per day.

2. Once you have your arrival/departure dates to/from Cuba,
 simply purchase tickets to the third country that will take you to Cuba. Of course, your arrival to the third country should fit the Cuba departure/arrival dates.

3. Buy a visa at the airport (in Mexico, Canada, or the Bahamas).
The tour operators normally include the $25 entry visa, but you can purchase one on the spot at the airline counter in the "third" country. When you arrive in Cuba, you tell the official that you are a tourist, and give him the name of the hotel or casa particulars where you will be staying.  He/she will give you a visa that is good for 30 days in Cuba.

4. Have fun! (It's really not much more difficult to travel to Cuba than to any foreign country)



US credit cards won't work in Cuba, nor will traveler's checks issued from a US bank.
Bring lots of cash! ALWAYS save enough for the departure tax, $25.
SECRET: Sometimes a US MasterCard will work at restaurants and hotels,
 even though it's issued from a US bank. If you have run out of all your money,
and you have a MasterCard, you can go to Transcard, in Cuba, and they can allow a cash withdrawal. Transcard: Calle 2 No. 302, esq. 3ra. Ave., Miramar, Playa, Ciudad de La Habana, Tel: 244823, 244824

For Information about marrying your Lady in Cuba,
go to the Cuban Foreign Ministry Home Page In Spanish In English


One of the best Websites for Information what to do for Americans wanting to travel to Cuba

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